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Video Production Brisbane

Video Production

HexFlix are legends in Real Estate Video Production, Corporate Video Production, and Event Video Production. We work with leading companies to deliver outstanding Video Production.

Professional Photography

HexFlix shoots with the latest in Photography equipment and HexFlix works with Australia’s leading companies to deliver outstanding Photography imagery to clients.

Hexflix Aerial Drone Photography and Aerial Drone Video Brisbane

Aerial Photography

HexFlix is counted among the leading drone imagining and aerial photography company which has expertise in Aerial and Drone photography Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and The Gold Coast.

Helicopter Photography Brisbane

Aerial Video

Real Estate Aerial Drone Video, Event Aerial Drone Video, Corporate Aerial Drone Video, Film and TV Aerial Drone Video, and Helicopter Aerial Video.

Aerial Drone Survey Brisbane

Aerial Survey and Inspection

We have a flawless safety record conducting Aerial survey and inspection services and work with Australia’s leading companies to deliver outstanding Aerial survey and Inspection solutions.

Aerial Drone Inspection Wind Turbine


Drone operations are conducted by professional pilots in coordination with manned aircraft and under CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Regulations. If you have a custom enquiry please contact us.

Clients Who Love Us

The HexFlix crew are highly experienced operators. So whether you are booking Aerial Photography in Brisbane, Event Aerial Photography, Drone Video Production, or Aerial work for TV, film, real estate, documentary, corporate videos, aerial survey or aerial inspection , we’ll give you everything we have, and then we’ll give you more.

HexFlix holds a flawless safety record for Drone Aerial work, and our video production services are the first choice for clients who want to stand out from the crowd, at a fraction of the cost.

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About Us

HexFlix is a CASA licensed aerial and drone company specialising in video production, aerial video, aerial photography, aerial survey and aerial inspection in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

CASA Certified

That means any footage or images you ask us to capture are 100% legal to use.

Public Liability Insured

Always use a licensed operator to ensure you have public liability insurance at your drone shoot.

8K recording

That’s 4 times the resolution of 1080p, which means its 4 times more Epic. (Yep, that’s a real statistic)

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Meet The Team

Some say they can even control drones with their minds.



Hexflix Drone Pilots

HexFlix Drone Pilots undergo hundreds of hours of intense training. Some say they can even control drones with their minds, we can’t verify that exactly, but one thing is certain, each Drone Pilots holds a CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) issued Remote Pilot Certificate. So they’re absolute Mavericks to have at a drone shoot. Hexflix is the number one drone company in Brisbane and all of our drone pilots, drone photographers and drone films are licensed & insured for both Private and Commercial work.


Hexflix Drone Cinematographers

HexFlix Drone Cinematographers are among the best in the biz. They are absolute masters at positioning our 360 degree manoeuvrable drone cameras, even during intense drone flying. So when you’re after that money shot, you know you’re in safe (if not overly large) hands. They also look smashing in a space suit, hanging from a drone at 2000 feet.  Hexflix is the number one drone company in Brisbane for Drone Filming, Drone Photography and Drone Video. Our highly skilled photographers, videographers and pilots are all Licensed and Insured for Private & Commercial work.

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