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HexFlix made its mark with some of the best video production Brisbane companies had seen. Now, we are firmly positioned as one of the best drone and aerial filming and photography companies. But since 2013 we have added a few extra services to the list. HexFlix is now synonymous with anything across Film, Photography and Production. HexFlix is renowned for quality video production at affordable prices. Since 2013, HexFlix has produced outstanding video content and high quality photography for clients all over Australia and produces some of the best Video Production Brisbane showcases. A background in drone and aerial filming and photography, also means that HexFlix is CASA certified to operate Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA or Drones) up to 20 kilograms. Why do we need to operate drones of a greater weight? All of the highest quality drone aircraft and cameras pack some serious specs and weight. So we operate drones above 4 Kilograms. So when HexFlix turns up to site, you are aware immediately that we are not operating toy drone aircraft. And the resulting imagery speaks for itself. Because HexFlix are CASA certified that means you are also in safe hands when you decide to capture imagery from the air. It is a well-known fact that the best footage and video production content can lead to increased profit and provide better exposure for your brand and business. And here at HexFlix, we provide outstanding video production services at an affordable price to ensure success. For further detail, please contact us. or you can check out some of our video production portfolio below or visit our Vimeo profile here. For Aerial and Drone video creation please head over to our Aerial Video page. Videos are the perfect way to promote your business, educate your customers, engage with your audience and build your brand. All of our videos are compatible with social media platforms as well as 4K recording for Television.




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Why Choose Hexflix

If the marketing world had superpowers, this would be it; Video Marketing, Content Creation and Storytelling. There is nothing more powerful then delivering your message through video. People are 4 times more likely to watch a video than to read text. A video on the home page of your website is 400 times more likely to move a person toward making that first important contact. One third of online activity is now dedicated to watching video. Video can give a major boost to organic web traffic. Video attracts 3x more organic inbound links, drives 200-300% more unique monthly site visits and increases click-through rates from Search by 41%! 65% of the population are visual learners, and another 30% are auditory learners; so it makes sense that video, being both visual and auditory, is the most powerful way to help you audience learn about your brand. So yeah, it’s not difficult to see why video has taken over the marketing world. Many marketers consider video to be the most effective content tool. And they’re right.

Cut Through In a Disrupted World

The internet has disrupted the way that people make purchase decisions. You’re not just competing against your industry anymore, now you’re competing against everyone and everything that is competing for your audience’s attention. So how do we arrest people’s attention? And once we have people’s attention, how do we hold that attention so that we can move them through the buying process toward a sale? The secret to holding people’s attention is relevance. By far the easiest way to produce relevance is by sharing stories. Our job is to help you find your business story and utilise those stories to be more persuasive with your audience.

We Are Attention Hackers

There are people out there right now that are looking for what your business offers. But sadly, they are super distracted. With thousands of advertising messages, and their phone constantly popping up push notifications, it’s no wonder. If you’re going to get their attention, you need to cut through the noise. The secret to arresting their attention is aligning yourself with the conversation that’s playing out inside of your audience’s head, and while you are part of their story, you can move them along the path to brand identification and purchase. One of the best attention hacks for sharing stories is using the power of video. Not only are people 4 times more likely to watch a video than to read text, but it naturally holds their attention longer. Couple that with a relevant story and you have a powerful left right combination that holds people’s attention and moves them through the journey to purchase. Viewers connect to video in a way that is unparalleled by other forms of content, which is why it’s the perfect tool to get an audience to take action. As the video landscape become more competitive, it’s even more important for us to become more relevant, provide more value with our videos, so our content can stand out and be more helpful to people. That is where HexFlix comes in. We are Attention Marketers. Our team of marketing experts will help you to create campaigns that punch through, grab attention, and hold it. Let us show you how.

We Deliver Better Engagement

Our role as Video Marketers is to effectively tell your story through video. But in order to accomplish that we need to understand your audience. This is not simply an understanding of demographics (Sarah is a 39 year old female who lives in Brisbane), This is also an understanding of Psychographics; an understanding of what makes the audience tick, what motivates them, what is keeping them up at night, their desires, their ambitions, their pain, their successes. We do this through the pre-production process which is all about asking questions and listening. So when we roll onto set, we are well informed of what will motive the audience to action. That’s why our skill is not just an ability just to shoot and produce great video, our true skill is our ability to persuade through empathy and our understanding of your audiences’ point of view; being able to step into their shoes and understand them on a deeper level, so that we can move them to action. Empathic messaging is all about getting the audience to say to themselves, “you get me,” “You understand me.” In this way we can produce content of higher relevance to our audience, which leads to higher engagement, higher retention and inevitably leads to higher conversion.

We Attract Prospects

80% of the sales process is now handled by your business’s online presence, long before anyone talks to a salesperson. It’s true, nobody wants to talk to salespeople. The online experience is where people learn, analyse, and discover before they even pick up the phone or go into a store. That’s why 80 % of the sales process is now online. So, if you’re not online, well, you get the hint.

We Drive Return On Investment

HexFlix is much more than a video production company, we’re leaders in utilsing video to achieve sales and marketing goals. Driving return on investment requires more than just good production values and fancy camera equipment. You also need an innovative strategy that is aligned with a persuasive message and you need to possess the tactics for placing those messages in front of your audience. That why when you work with HexFlix you don’t just see camera guys and editors, you also see Marketing managers, social media managers, Google Ad words, SEO and remarketing experts, web development and hosting. So even though you may choose HexFlix for our video marketing skills, you’ll stay with us because we deliver business results.

We Deliver On Set

So we have had our pre-production meeting (well more or a collaborative, working with someone you have only just met, but it feels like you have known them for years pre-production meeting), and we know exactly what we want to persude the audience to do, and we know exactly how to say it. The storyboard is approved and we are ready to shoot. The fun part. And the most critical part of the video campaign. The way in which we capture this story will make the campaign. It has to be perfect. So, we enlist the help of our production team. We have the Director, the cinematographer, the lighting guys, the sounds guys all standing by. This is the chance for your business to shine. And just so you know we aren’t messing around we roll in the equipment. Thousands upon thousands of dollars’ worth of the best video equipment available. From high end Cinema Cameras like the RED EPIC, to helicopters, to heavy lift drones. Our team isn’t just great in the boardroom, we are legends behind the camera too. Because when it comes to telling the story of your business we leave nothing to chance.

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